Mission of the Coalition

The Never Too Young Coalition is united to take on young-onset colon cancer through action, education and research.

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Our Goal

The Never Too Young Coalition’s mission is grounded in increasing awareness around young onset colon cancer by building partnerships with other organizations, providing education, and funding research.

Last year, the Coalition successfully launched Young Survivors Week June 15-20th. We connected with patients, survivors, and caregivers online who changed their profile picture, submitted their pictures along with their stories, and created buzz around young onset colon cancer.

Young Survivor’s Week

This year, we want to go even bigger! Now, that we’ve built momentum and partnered with several organizations, we are excited for this year’s Young Survivors Week, held during June 5-11th. We plan to release a short video, “It Happened to Me”, along with a social media campaign to create more buzz.  Be on the lookout as we have very exciting plans to come!

If you are interested in participating, please “like” our page on Facebook, or email us at info@nevertooyoung.org.

Steering Committee

Anne Carlson, Colon Cancer Coalition- Finance Committee Chair
Erin Peterson, Colon Cancer Coalition- PR/Marketing Committee Co Chair
Andrea Shepherd, Colon Cancer Prevention Project- PR/ Marketing Committee Co Chair
Maurisa Potts, Colon Cancer Alliance- PR/Marketing Committee Vice Chair
Dan Hawkins- Fundraising/Development Committee Co Chair
Kim Newcomer, Colon Cancer Alliance Central AZ Chapter-Fundraising/Development Committee Co Chair
Rachel Lefebvre- Research Committee Co Vice Chair
Lesley Marlin- Community Advocate Committee Co Vice Chair
Dawn Eicher- Community Advocate Committee Co Vice Chair
Elan Freedy- Community Advocate Committee Chair
Tom Marsilje- Research Committee Co Vice Chair
Christopher Lieu, MD, University of Colorado Denver- Research Committee Chair
Stephanie C. Guiffre, Colon Cancer Alliance- Director
Lauren LeFew, Colon Cancer Alliance- Assistant Director